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Piers’ charts are the backbone of my career in FX. His training was the foundation for my first ever successful trade idea as an FX trading graduate, and his training was also the foundation for my first ever successful client sales pitch! His in-depth training and meticulous, accurate charting provide a unique insight into the world of FX that simply does not exist anywhere else!
Sekyi Darko
FX Trading and Flow Sales UK Bank
“I was lucky enough to attend one of Piers (possibly now infamous) training sessions. Whilst I find technical analysis quite interesting, it is quite dry content and often hard to engage with. I found Piers approach to simplify the analysis and bring out the core themes in a humorous, or meaningful clearly themed way, meant it was very easy to engage with the topic and importantly remember what you had been through!”
Chris King
(Group Treasurer Drax PLC)
“Piers has a unique approach which he delivers in an unusually concise and comprehensible way. His style of research and his method of training are both user friendly and simple to understand but also very entertaining and enjoyable!”
Lisa Dukes
(Director of Corporate Finance & Derivatives Drax PLC)
“I've worked with Piers for 30 years, his experience in TA speaks for itself but where Piers is unique, is in his ability to articulate the principles of TA to others and to apply them to practical trading situations. Whether you're hedging your company's FX risk or trading for fun, Piers will teach you the principles in an easy to understand format and he will have you up and running with the basics in no time.”
Andrew Jones-
(Group Treasurer Next PLC)
Piers introduced me to technical analysis when I first started working at RBS through a series of training modules. The structure of these modules were very well thought out and his unique delivery of the content ensures that these concepts stick. Many of my clients follow his charts and are impressed by how accurate his views are. Who wouldn’t want to learn from the king of technical analysis – there is no body like him in this this business!
Kay Cheng
(FX Trading and Flow Sales UK Bank)
“The training was well thought out and walked through the various topics in an understandable way. The open dialogue during the class was great. The daily FX and equity charts were great.  They were applicable to real-life trade scenarios. It was great to see the prior charts, along with the current published chart. The explanations were a great addition to the chats.”
Vince Gilewski
(FX and Commodity Trader Ford Motor Company USA)
"I found the charts provided by Piers really set the bank he worked for apart and led to quality discussions that informed our Foreign Exchange decision making.  The training he provided was excellent and developed the understanding and awareness within the treasury team [of  technical analysis]"
Paul Gilbert
(Quote provided in the previous capacity as Head of Treasury at Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc)
I've always found Piers' training sessions extremely interesting and helpful in understanding financial markets. Piers makes even the most complex of concepts in technical analysis easy to digest and I particularly enjoy the analogies which make it even more memorable! I generally find that market research is mainly focused on fundamentals so I would also highly recommend learning to read and understand chart key levels for anyone looking to gain a different perspective in Financial Markets.
Annabel Luu,
FX Trading and Flow Sales UK Bank.
“When I was Head of FX and Commodity trading at Thomas Cook we had up to 20 banks providing us with research. The Technical Analysis by Piers was very different from the research by other banks, his refreshing short and long term views had an impressive track record. I would highly recommend to any treasury or trading professional if you get the chance to get his training sessions under your belt as I and my team did as it gets even better.”
Patrick Famelaer
(Quote provided in the previous capacity as Head of FX and Commodity Trading at Thomas Cook Treasury)
The technical expertise Piers has of charting is rare. He has high level of knowledge and experience of the subject matter and is able to deliver courses in a clear, precise and enthusiastic manner. I have always found courses run my Piers to be relevant, engaging, and very helpful, enabling you to use the knowledge and skills gained from his course to do your job at a higher level.
Mamoon Rasheed
(Treasurer Shop Direct Home shopping)
“Ski Miquel runs ski holidays so buys significant euros each year. The charts from Piers have significantly reduce our risk enabling us to buy at the right time, thank you. When I first looked at charts not a lot happened, so I went on one of his training modules and started to get the hang of how to use them. I then also got my colleagues on a training session. A big bonus of Piers is that he simply explains his analysis and if there is uncertainty says so. I like facts not opinions.”
Richard Johnson
Director Ski Miquel
About two years ago I had an inspiring chart training from Piers Leslie. In about three hours he was able to teach me a couple of techniques I was not able to use before. The course was a nice eyeopener to me was, instead of looking at a chart just as a chart, he showed me to look at them as battlefields and learned me how to analyze who is in control , the buyers or the sellers. Since having this training I made a start of studying and analyzing my own charts, instead of just relying on what analysts regularly send me.
Frans Belder
(Manager Currency Operations- HunterDouglas)
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